Saturday, October 11, 2014

Metallic arachnids on the horizon

Finally I've got my shipping notification for my copy of the Iron Scorpion boxed set for Dystopian Legions!
I've been watching the Spartan Games community lately, to find any info regarding the new rule set, and it is shaping up to be a decent successor to DL 1.0.
Concept-wise it is a fairly big shift, and while it is announced as a platoon-level game I'd say it is nearing company-level force sizes (whereas DL 1 was a bit more low-level, if nothing else due to higher level of detail in the mechanics )
At this point it's mostly conjecture, though. Until I've played a few games I'll withhold further comments.

At my painting table a decent amount has happened, my luftlancers has had their smoke plumes painted and washed, my stormwagen has had its interior painted, everything washed, and is undergoing highlighting, and my ruined farms (very nice plastic kits from Warlord Games) finally have some sand on their bases.

Photo evidence:


WIP luftlancer:

WIP ruined farm (with artillery grenadier for size):

Overview of my current WIP paint table: