Monday, November 24, 2014

A week of work

As I've got some hobby time coming up, I was thinking of making some kind of task list:

*Play at least one game of Armada
*Play more than one game of Planetfall
*Play a game of Legions
*Finish painting my semi-finished DL Prussians
*Finish my Aquan Dagon and Terquai Torpedo Cruisers
*Assemble my FSP Aquan force
*Determine a colour scheme for FSP Aquans and Terquai

A tall order, but Letty's let's see how much I can manage....

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hobby overload

So, October in review:
+Played my first game of Legions 2.0 (with my Prussians)
+Got a decent game of Armada in, against Terrans nonetheless
+Assembled my Iron Scorpion set (word of advice, don't try to rush the automata assembly, it takes a while and some patience)
+Got my DL Black Wolf crew assembled (to be used as Elites for my CoA until something else is available)
+Slapped some paint on my DL Prussians, my lancers are about halfway finished and the APC is only missing some final highlights.
+(Spent a weekend gaming in 1:1 scale)

That being said, I'm way behind, especially now that my half of a Platinum Planetfall set has managed to reach my hobby cupboard as well...
So next week I hope to have some better progress, as I'll have more hobby time for a few days.