Sunday, November 20, 2016

Outcasts step by step

For the longest time, I've though about making a step-by-step guide to how I paint Outcasts, simple enough so that I don't like it is a chore, but detailed enough so I don't feel like I'm cheating.

Step 0:  
Assemble the models, and prepare the bases. I use cork and sand to build up the base, and to cover the integrated base common with Warlord figures.
On some I've cut down the cast base, but usually I just cover with cork.

Step 1:
Foundation layers. I use Army Painter Skeleton Bone primer to cover all of the figure, touching up any missed spots with a brush later (the AP line is great like that, with bottle paint to match the primers). Then I go over the base with Vallejo Game Colour Terracotta, with VGC Ghost Grey to indicate more rocky patches.
Step 2:
Moving forward, I paint the skin with a VGC Parasite Brown, and the metal parts with VGC Bright Bronze. This will later be used to help the Quickshade provide depth to the model.

Step 3:
Using VGC Elf Flesh, with a hint of VGC Khaki if I feel adventurous, I make a coarse highlight of the skin, picking out muscles, fingers and sinews.
The base gets a drybrush of <red brown>, and parts of the still visible Skeleton Bone gets picked out with Khaki, to provide some visual interest and noticeable details.
On some models I glaze the metallics with a mix of Glaze medium, water and VGC Tinny Tin, to bring down the sheen a bit (Ghar aren't exactly know for careful equipment maintenance...)

Step 4:
Magic time! Army Painter Quickshade is used to tie it all together,  using a cheap brush and some care.  

Step 5:
Paint eyes, and pupils. I usually go over the feet and hands picking out the nails too, and the base gets a drybrush or two of Khaki (yes, even the grey parts). Then GW Purity Seal is applied, in two thin layers. The larger models gets Vallejo red-brown pigments applied, to symbolize dust buildup on legs and lower chassis. 
Step 6:
Photograph! I've made a simple light box out of a plastic storage container and some LED spotlights.

I've added frosted plastic film to the sides (usually used for bathroom windows) to help soften the light, and everything can be stored inside the box between sessions. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

More Ghar Penal Legion progress

Previously I showed my Scout force for my Ghar
Penal Legion, and now I've finished most of the next batch: One more squad of Outcasts, another Distort Cannon, and a Bomber Squad.
The Bomber Squad is supposed to contain a Ammo Scutter too, but so far it's still in progress, as can be seen to the left.

I need to come up with something for the ammo (both for the right arm, and the canister on the back), and add some more greenstuff before I can call it complete.  The movement tray and tokens are both from

Coming up next is the final piece of the puzzle to bring my force up to 1000 points, a suitable vehicle for the clone with the big ego, the high leader of Legion ZY-86V:  

Still only in early stages, but at least it is started...
But once I get some khaki and skin on the pilots it should start to look decent. It is a very impressive model, both physically and rules-wise.

For next time, I hope to have a little bit more to show, at least the Scutter above finished.  

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ghar Penal Legion ZY-86V

As mentioned, I've branched out my Antares forces to include some degenerate clones with radiation leakages... 

Nominally I'm using the Rebel list from the Xilos book, although I'm playing it as a Empire Penal Legion, using a lot of disposable Outcasts to put pressure on the enemy while the heavy hitters move in and and take whatever objectives the scenario calls for...

For my Scout Force (500 points) I've gone for lots of cheap units, with as much fire support squeezed in as possible.

This means:
Two units if Outcasts; Cheap, numerous, but can tear a enemy line unit to shreds in the right circumstances (no, seriously! 2 shots each is horrendous, for a five point model!). Keeping them away from X-launchers is a priority, though; a single shot can without problem get rid of half a unit, with their low Res, and no cover bonus. 

They get some support in the shape of two Disruptor Cannons, either in a unit, or stand alone (depending on how many Order Dice I need...)

A unit of Attack Scutters, or as I like to call them; Discount Battle Suits... Almost 100 points cheaper, but with the same firepower, they have never disappointed me, and on several occasions won me the battle.
Need to get a unit across the table? No problem, just kick in the Plasma Amplifiers and take two Run Actions every turn...
Enemy unit dug in giving you problem? Disruptor shots to really add the pins, or RF 3 Dispersed to get
rid of the cover Res bonus...

The models being what they are helped make them the primary reason I choose to go with the Rebel list instead of the Empire list (where you can only get them once you hit 1000+ points).

Speaking of units a bit too cheap for their utility, we also have the Tectorists. Mad even by Ghar standards, they run ahead of the main force to act as spotters for their brethren, allowing a very nice re-roll. The fact that they can be used to dump the Distort Dice is just gravy, to be hones.
One thing to look out for is that only a single shot per shooting action may be re-rolled, no matter the number of Tectorists in range (all the more reason to spread them out, if you ask me!)

And last but not least, we have my Commander, Borag 566-8-B4, cautiously hidden away inside a Battlesuit. He still hasn't been shot even once, although he does have a tendency to... ehrm... 'Make a tactical withdrawal' towards the end of games. This is really a feature of the Antares morale mechanics; once his bodyguard bites the dust, every pin means a break test, and once one comes up with a 10, it's bye-bye commander... Totally in character, though, why waste time seeing the enemy degenerates being mopped up, once he has lead the force to victory?
Borag will, in due time, get a modified model created, with parts from a Bomber and some other odds and ends. However, sooner or later his duties to lead the force on foot will be taken over by his lieutenant/bodyguard, Flöng 566-10-X8, while Borag himself ascends to a loftier perch inside a Command Crawler (the perfect place for a careful commander!).

That is my 500 pts list, I'm soon to be finished with reinforcements up to 750, and then there is only a single model left to take the force to 1000 (no prizes for guessing which!)

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hello.... Is there anybody out there? AKA Lost in space

<ssssssssstttsk.... kaklick>
- Is anyone out there? Anyone rec<tsssk...>ing this?
  Do you copy?

So... A little bit over 6 months of radio silence. Why? Well... Mostly real life issues, buying, selling and moving houses, with the corresponding backlog of things that needs doing at work...

Things haven't been all work and no play,  though. I have managed to squirrel away some time here and there, both painting and gaming; and if nothing else I've officially planted a flag in Warlord Games Fanboy territory...

  • Fully painted 750 pts C3 Drop Force for Gates of Antares (ok, so I need to varnish two X-launchers, and take a picture of the actual army... )

  • Fully painted 500 pts Ghar rebel force for Gates of Antares, with another 250 pts a good way along.

  • Fully painted the Terquai Recon Helix for the Planetfall Paint Comp in February 
  • Finished one, and halfway along with the second Aerial Helix for Planetfall

Gaming wise, there has been mostly Antares:
  • 4 games with my Drop list, 1:1:2 going by the Win:Draw:Lost syntax (where the 'Draw' part is debatable, but my opponent was the one having to leave...)
  • 3 games with my Rebel Ghar list, actually going 3:0:0! And one of those games was against my own Drop list, played by Avalon.
  • Planetfall: a few games, but I do not have them as well documented as the Antares games (documentation is one of the reasons for this blog, after all!)
  • Taskforce: One trial game, back when it was first released. At the time we both felt it lacked something; we'll have to see if the stats added in May can give it some more depth. 

And that is basically it: looking forward it looks like Antares will be high on the agenda, but some Planetfall might make an appearance, as 2.0 seems to be moving forward...

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Unboxing: Terran Reinforcement Group

Some questions came up on the Spartan Games Taskforce forum about the look of the Terrans.
I know that this is technically a Firestorm Armada release (the Reinforcement Group box), but I'm calling it Taskforce for the purpose of this review....

Friday, February 26, 2016

Unboxing: Firestorm Taskforce

So, for once, it seems that I'm among the first to receive my pre-order of something from Spartan!
I'd thank the Spartan responsible for making it happen, and at the same time deny knowledge of whatever dark arts that was used in the process...

On to the reason you've come here, pictures of the contents!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Painting competition: week one

So, as previously noted , there is an ongoing inofficial painting competition on the Spartan Games Community, which I've signed up for.

I originally my Command Helix would be a good candidate, but after some digging around I found another pristine helix scheduled for some paint: