Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hello.... Is there anybody out there? AKA Lost in space

<ssssssssstttsk.... kaklick>
- Is anyone out there? Anyone rec<tsssk...>ing this?
  Do you copy?

So... A little bit over 6 months of radio silence. Why? Well... Mostly real life issues, buying, selling and moving houses, with the corresponding backlog of things that needs doing at work...

Things haven't been all work and no play,  though. I have managed to squirrel away some time here and there, both painting and gaming; and if nothing else I've officially planted a flag in Warlord Games Fanboy territory...

  • Fully painted 750 pts C3 Drop Force for Gates of Antares (ok, so I need to varnish two X-launchers, and take a picture of the actual army... )

  • Fully painted 500 pts Ghar rebel force for Gates of Antares, with another 250 pts a good way along.

  • Fully painted the Terquai Recon Helix for the Planetfall Paint Comp in February 
  • Finished one, and halfway along with the second Aerial Helix for Planetfall

Gaming wise, there has been mostly Antares:
  • 4 games with my Drop list, 1:1:2 going by the Win:Draw:Lost syntax (where the 'Draw' part is debatable, but my opponent was the one having to leave...)
  • 3 games with my Rebel Ghar list, actually going 3:0:0! And one of those games was against my own Drop list, played by Avalon.
  • Planetfall: a few games, but I do not have them as well documented as the Antares games (documentation is one of the reasons for this blog, after all!)
  • Taskforce: One trial game, back when it was first released. At the time we both felt it lacked something; we'll have to see if the stats added in May can give it some more depth. 

And that is basically it: looking forward it looks like Antares will be high on the agenda, but some Planetfall might make an appearance, as 2.0 seems to be moving forward...