Monday, November 30, 2015

[Antares] C3 progress

 So, despite real life rearing its head and throwing spanners in the works, I've managed some progress towards having a playable force of IMTel citizens:

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The seventh age of Mankind...


Humanity has spread throughout space, to new worlds and distant galaxies, to places and realities undreamt of by our distant ancestors. Interplanetary civilisations have flourished and fallen six times over, collapsing and rising anew over countless centuries. Humankind’s first home – the planet Earth –was destroyed long ago during the forgotten wars of the Prime Imperia. Of humanity’s early history, the colonisation of space, and evolution into numerous and diverse species, little is now remembered. Today is the The Seventh Age: the last and greatest age of humankind.
As mentioned previously, I've started working a bit on a set of new 28mm minis. Some of you might have recognized the models on the painting table as a Concord NuHu Mandarin and Drop Trooper, from the new game Beyond the Gates of Antares (or simply 'the Antares game').

I've been following the development of the game ever since the failed kickstarter last year (it is still the only Kickstarter I've ever backed!), and I must admit to being very happy that the game now has a public release!

I've tested the beta rules a little bit, and they are about what I like from a large-scale game; enough detail that a game has enough options with 15-20 models on the table, while still having a nice flow and not getting bogged down in minutiae (during one of the test games we had trouble remembering which turn it was, because we'd gone through so many activations without thinking about it!)

I'm currently painting up a small force of Concorde Combined Command, or C3, a high-tech human civilisation (or The human civilisation, if you ask them) being ruled over by the Intergrated Machine Intelligence, IMTel, a giant Artificial Intelligence.

Here are some WIP shots:

My small force assembled and primed, Drop Troops and a Medium Weapon drone, as well as some flyer bases.
Colour scheme tester, from what I had lying around at home. Gray primer, turquoise chest piece, metallic weapon, and some Army Painter Dip to finish it off. 
As a proof of concept, good enough, but the actual Antares models will have more work put into them.

WIP C3 Drop Troops (with a NuHu Mandarin in the background). Basically the C3s invasion forces, goes in first (using Grav Chutes, whatever that is), to establish a beachhead for the regulars to fill in to.
I've attached them to 30mm hex MDF bases, to have something to hold on to when painting.

Test base (for my Medium Weapons drone). The idea is a arid Mars-type landscape, with some brighter cliffs.

Thats it for now, but I've got a feeling there will be more updates coming soon....