Saturday, December 20, 2014


Last post I set myself a optimistic list of things to do in a week....
All in all, I managed about half:

  • one game of Armada (a loss, my Terrans vs Avalons stealthy Directorate list, with Stealth or cloak or both on everything bar the Drones)
  • one game of Planetfall against Xenon Fire, trying out one of the Scenarios from Proteus Prime book 
  • all but completed my Dagon, just the final few highlights and a coat of varnish and it's done.
  • not only decided on colours for my FSP Aquans, but got a squad of mediums halfway painted as well!
  • most of my two Aquan starters got assembled as well, only the Terquai and the buildings are still unassembled.
I've since kept working on the Lamana mediums,with their attached designator tank, and prototyping the bases, and as of writing this I'm all but done with all four: