Saturday, October 31, 2015


My never ending struggle against the piles of unpainted stuff continues...

Various family matters has decreased my paining output as of late, but I've gotten one squadron of Planetfall vehicles done at least: my first companions for my might Leviathan:

To differentiate them from my regular Imzanis I've added streaks of white to the sides, to give a clear visual indicator (always important to see what is what on the gaming table)

Other than that, I've got several things ongoing, as can be seen on my paintdesk:
  • Infantry from the Recon Helix (one with gun platforms, and one with Fish Cav)
  • Light tanks from the Recon Helix (the missiles are not to be underestimated, despite the short range!) 
  • Heavy Gunship and Interceptors from my Interceptor Aerial helix
All of which are in various states of block painting (they will probably not receive the same level of attention as my recently completed APCs... )

Also, the eagle eyed among you might have spotted something resembling 28mm models there as well... More about those for my next entry...

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