Monday, November 30, 2015

[Antares] C3 progress

 So, despite real life rearing its head and throwing spanners in the works, I've managed some progress towards having a playable force of IMTel citizens:

Here is some progress shots of my first squadron of Concord soldiers: a squad of drop troops.

To the left is the a picture of the first step; blocking in the areas in their respective colours (after spraying with AP grey primer). The turquoise is VGC Hawk Turquoise, and the bode white is VGC Khaki. Bases are painted in a simple layer of thinned down VGC Terracotta, and the metallic parts with VGC Thinny Thin.

Then comes step two: A quick layer of brush-on Army Painter Dark Tone dip for the grey and khaki parts, and P3 Turquoise Ink for the harness. The bases has been hit with VGC Parasite Brown, and finally some khaki.

The final step involves highlighting the armour with the original colours, AP Uniform Grey and VGC Khaki. The harness gets hit with a thin layer of Hawk Turquoise, and after that a light layer of 50/50 Hawk Turquoise and VMC Light Turquoise.

That is as far as I've come currently; I'm still debating if I should put some colour on the visors (currently the drab grey and khaki is offset nicely by the Turquoise, I'm afraid that more colours will divert from that). Also, the metallics should probably get a little bit more work done, it is currently a bit flat, even after the dip. The plasma tube inside the carbine is painted with a thin layer of VGC Warlord Purple with VGC Squid Pink highlights.

After that there is my C3 Medium Drone, all but complete, only missing some Khaki edging, and perhaps an attempted OSL glow for the Plasma Cannon (got to start sometime, right?)

The same process has been followed, bit with some more work done on the Turquoise parts, starting with VMC Dark Turquoise, and then gradually highlighting up to Hawk and Light turquoises.
I think the end result is fairly decent, what I would consider my personal 'Tabletop standard', ideally I'd like to spend some more time blending and highlighting the armour, but with my current time allocation for hobbies this is about as good as it gets, if I'm going to get a painted force (~30 models) on the table this year.

As for lists, my first attempted 750 point lists consists of
Drop Command (4 models)
Drop Squad (6-7 models)
Strike Squad (I'd rather have another Drop Squad, but they cost a lot of points!) (6 models)
Strike Squad (6 models)

X Launcher with Net Ammo and Spotter Drone (4 models)
Light Support Drone (2-3 models)

Targeter Drones (4 models)

7 activations (or Dice, in Antares phrasing) is quite respectable, but I'm actually considering taking only one Support choice, and beef up the rest of the force with some further upgrades instead.
Those last few points for upgrades are usually quite contested.

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