Friday, November 18, 2016

More Ghar Penal Legion progress

Previously I showed my Scout force for my Ghar
Penal Legion, and now I've finished most of the next batch: One more squad of Outcasts, another Distort Cannon, and a Bomber Squad.
The Bomber Squad is supposed to contain a Ammo Scutter too, but so far it's still in progress, as can be seen to the left.

I need to come up with something for the ammo (both for the right arm, and the canister on the back), and add some more greenstuff before I can call it complete.  The movement tray and tokens are both from

Coming up next is the final piece of the puzzle to bring my force up to 1000 points, a suitable vehicle for the clone with the big ego, the high leader of Legion ZY-86V:  

Still only in early stages, but at least it is started...
But once I get some khaki and skin on the pilots it should start to look decent. It is a very impressive model, both physically and rules-wise.

For next time, I hope to have a little bit more to show, at least the Scutter above finished.  

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