Sunday, September 28, 2014

Schedules and plans

So, as suspected, this past few weeks has seen little hobby activity (there is a reason for the blog name..), but some has been done (believe it or not, but a few minutes here and there does give results):

  • A Prussian Tankette has both been both block painted and washed (sorry, 'toned' I suppose it should say, as I used Army Painter Strong Tone). These small Ironclads really pack a lot of detail into a model smaller than a normal car, scale wise. Some detailing and a Prussian Scandinavia flag somewhere and it will be ready for sealing!
  • My Prussian Stormwagen got most of the block colours painted, I still need to decide on the colour of the interior...
  • My Luftlancers at least got started. After their performance last game I'm not sure they deserve paint, but I guess getting dragged down and wiped out by British line infantry should count as an accomplishment of some sort...
As can bee seen, I've focused on DL figures for now, both due to the fact that nice, large areas to paint lend themselves to the "15 frenzied minutes here and there" painting style I've relied on lately, but also due to the fact that Dystopian Legions 2.0 should hit the shelves soon! I'm personally waiting for my copy of Iron Scorpion to turn up at my local postal provider, but until I have some Covenant of Antarctica to assemble and paint my Prussians gets some well deserved paint applied.

With any luck I could try a first game next weekend, or at least get an unboxing blog entry posted...

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