Monday, May 4, 2015

[Project X]First Game

The blog has been living up to it's name lately, but then again not: I've done quite a bit on the Hobby Front lately:

Game log for this Friday:


Players: Ahmadan / Avalon
Points Value: 4000
Factions & Allies: Aquans / Directorate & Works Raptor
Starting Zero Hour: 40
Zero Hour Score: 27 / 2 (Directorate Victory)
Turn Count: 3

Called for time, but there was no way I could have caught up, not with only a single Take and Hold unit remaining.
First two activations his WR Helix killed my Heavy Helix (CQBd and shot my Haumea to death with the hoverlights, and I then failed my morale for the Tank Destroyers, causing them to be Forlorn due to a previous casualty from the Intereceptors)

I did manage to scrape some points back, though, once I started to grind through his squadrons, but it was not enough.
To the left you can see one of the better moments of the game, my two Sednas and a squad of Recon facing off against three Directorate Heavy Tanks.
End result? Two dead human Heavies, and a single Sedna left standing... I call that a win (albeit barely...)

Also, my Leviathan failed to cause any damage whatsoever two out of three turns... Time to send the cadets piloting the thing back to gunnery school.

To the right you can see the situation at the end of the game, the secondary objectives are in the middle of the table towards the wall. A strong Directorate presence still, and with no way of capturing the objectives short of pouring horrible amounts of firepower into his entrenched infantry, not really that much to do (besides taking my unguarded Primary, on my left flank, something I should have done much earlier... =

Also, my Project X fleet got to show off (or rather ground to dust), on the same day I got everything bar the SRS completed!


Players: Ahmadan vs Mikael
Points: 800
Scenario: Defend the Station
Factions and Allies: Relthoza vs Tarakians
Battle log: 0/7, Tarakian victory.

Mental note: there is no point whatsoever keeping cloaks on against Tarakians... His cruisers (4 ship strong squadrons, with 5 HP each and indirect weapons? Yea, the Tarakians should do just fine against their ancient enemy...) picked apart most of my fleet, with the Ganak Battleship finishing up afterwards...

Conversion Corner:

I recently started modifying my Aquan Leviathan, to remove the one detail I was less fond of, the hinges at the feet:
The armour plates are actually the front pieces from old Chironex Cruisers. I've since started to blend them into the legs using green stuff, expect some more WIP this week.

That's all folks, as the bunny used to say... 


  1. Looking good. To bad about your losses but you take them next time! :)

  2. I sure hope so... At least my fishes on the ground deserves some victories by now, the spiders in space might have a few more dues to pay first...