Tuesday, May 19, 2015

[Planetfall] Watching the skies...

At long last, my first Planetfall Aquan Heavy tank is completed, the oft-destroyed Haumea:

 At some point during the past weeks I got a bit fed up with doing everything three times over, so my two Sednas are lagging a bit behind, but still, one out of three finished is not so bad...

When I get one more Sirsir done, I'll have my full Heavy Helix (not sure I'll ever get around to the crystals, sharing four between the Heavy and Core helixes seems enough)

I've also managed to progress a bit further on my Levi conversion:

Fairly standard Green Stuff blending of the added parts to the legs (and filling in some gaps in the legs, they are supposed to be living machines, after all).

The 'head' is all assembled, but I'm considering magnetizing it to ease storage and transport (10x10x14 is hard enough to fit anywhere...)

In a moment of weakness I might also have started another faction, I've just started assembling my first Relthoza Core Helix... More about that later.


  1. Love the paint job on the Haumea!

    And love the conversion on your Leviathan!

    I should have come looking for you blog previously :-)

  2. Thanks!
    I intend to get the Levi at least semi-completed this week (I've already finished the modelling parts...)

    I haven't really been pushing it, but now I think I have enough content to to do that...