Sunday, December 6, 2015

[Antares]: Campaign part 1

So, it seems that Antares has really picked up locally, the usual gulli... sorry, 'easily enthused' have started armies, and a few more are leaning in to see what the fuss is about.
There is even talk of starting a campaign, in a slow grow format, allowing people to get their bearings in a controlled manner:

Suffice to say, it took me all of five seconds to apply to the campaign rooster, and I've been working on actually getting a playable force assembled from my huge pile of plastic and metal.

So far, my list looks like this for the first increment:

+++ C3 kampanj 500 (498pts) +++
+ Tactical (443pts) +

C3 Drop Command Squad (147pts) [AG Chute, 2x Drop Trooper (54pts), HL armor, Plasma Carbine, Plasma Grenades (6pts), Sub-mounted X-Sling]
····Rules: Infantry Command Unit, Limited Choice
····Drop Commander (87pts) [Leader Two]

C3 Drop Squad (181pts) [AG Chute, 4x Drop Trooper (104pts), HL armor, Plasma Carbine, Plasma Lance, Spotter Drone (10pts), Sub-mounted X-Sling]
····Rules: Infantry Unit
····Drop Leader (67pts) [Leader One]

C3 Strike Squad (115pts) [HL armor, Plasma Carbine, Plasma Lance (3pts), 4x Strike Trooper (80pts)]
····Strike Leader (32pts) [Leader One, X-Sling]

+ Support (55pts) +

C3 Support Team (55pts) [Spotter Drone (10pts), 2x Strike Trooper Crew (30pts)]
····X-Launcher (15pts) [Net ammo (5pts)]                      

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As can be seen in the WIP picture to the right, a few heads and AG chutes to glue on, and the modelling part is done.                                                 
With some luck and elbow grease I might even get them painted up before years end!

The basic idea will be to use to use the lances to try a two-pin gambit each round, splitting the fire of each squad between two enemy squads to get (hopefully) one pin on each, at least for the first turns.

The X-launcher will work in cooperation with the Spotter Drone in the Drop Squad to stay out of harms way, but still be able to land Net shots with some accuracy each turn, further adding to the pin count.

The Drop Troops, and the Command Squad specifically, will act as a close combat deterrent; between their X.slings for hand-to-hand, RF2 for close range fire and grenades they are better than most non-Assault infantry units in melee.

Two lances and plasma grenades should hopefully be enough to take down anything high-res at these point values, although I wouldn't mind a plasma cannon somewhere...

Once the recently previewed Drop Command hits general release my existing team will be degraded to a regular Drop Squad, the new models are just too good!

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