Sunday, January 24, 2016

MMXVI - Project planning and task management

So, with the summary of the year left behind done, what is the aim going forward?
Suffice to say, this blog is doing what it is supposed to do, but I feel that it could be further developed....

With a fresh year ahead, I'd like to start off with some changes in the content I post, focusing a bit more on finishing things, rather than an endless series of WIP posts.
With that in mind, I'd like to set the following aims:
  • More Step-by-step/How-to, less snapshots of unfinished models
    •  Having some 'how I painted this model' for instance, rather than snapshots of my painting table 
  • More reviews of shiny things I pick up and put to use
  • Unboxings: I should probably improve on this front, it isn't too hard and seems to be appreciated, so...
  • Original material: I'm thinking of short pieces of fiction here, and maybe something with a little bit more crunch...  

How do I intend to go about getting it all done, then?:
*I intend to limit my ongoing workload, by only purchasing new units once I've finished an old one off. Having a ton of backlog can really sap ones enthusiasm, and the limit should work as a carrot to not dwell on stuff too long.
*Small, regular updates (attempt 1/week), which means splitting longer posts in two or three different updates.*At least two hours of hobby time per week: If there is something I've learned in recent times it's the impact of small sessions often. Not only do one skip the time it takes for the paint to dry, it becomes a bit easier to plan paint schemes, and evaluate as you go along.

So, what about my ongoing projects then?
I've actually cut down a bit this year, but I still have enough to keep me occupied...

  • Paint up my Overseers ships, and Guardian shoal (Hot off the press: Taskforce ships!)
  • Get some paint on my Kedorians
  • Play some more games, especially with my Relthoza
  • Play some Taskforce Games

  • Finish up my Aquan Helixes, and complete with some further purchases (in fact, I've already cheated and ordered Assault and Ground Attack helices)
  • At least try my Relthoza, after assembling them. I've not done it so far, partly due to lack of time. The rumoured update/rebalancing of their rules might give some needed inspiration. 
  • Spartan has recently indicated that the minor factions might be getting something soon, and that a 2.0 version of the rules of in the making... Should be interesting to see what that brings.

  • With the recent announcement of new Helices and Firstorm Taskforce, my CoA has been shuffled a few steps down in the prio list, although I do aim to do something with them during the year...

  • Participate in our club slow-grow campaign, and keep even steps with the point level (painted, of course). I've almost completed my first 500 pts, and the campaign starts this weekend... 

So, in summary:
  • Play lots of games! 
  • Not buy more than I paint.
  • Maybe start fiddling with writing something of my own...

Until the next time!

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