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So, back about a year ago I made a some attempts at a plan for my hobby year, and indirectly this blog.
With my posting frequency reduced of late, I'll at least make a summary of how well my crystal ball musings held up (warning, wall of text lying in ambush behind the cut!):

(Sorry about the formatting, blogger and quoting leaves a bit to be desired. Quotes is in italics..)
So, what goals did I set?:
  • Clear out my backlog cupboard
  • Document games, both with batrep here and at least one photo
  • Hold some further demo events
  • Detail my in- and outflow of models (how many gets completed, and how many gets purchased/sold off)
  • Improve the photo-to-text ratio of this blog (let's face it, it's been sparse)
Most of these I'm going to give myself at least partial credit for;
I have cleared my cupboard (of old stuff, I needed some space to put new things in...).
I've documented most of my game (those that for some reason or other won't get me in trouble...)
All my completed models has been documented (I still need to write a proper summary though, something for next post)
And I've held demo events, both for Firestorm, and one other game...

On to the next section:

  • Getting somewhere on my huge backlog of projects: 
     Firestorm Armada:
    • Aquan Prime;
    • Two boxes of Kedorians;
    • Unknown amount of Terrans
    • 8 Terquai Empire cruisers
    • Misc bits;
    • Return of the Overseers Aquans
Verdict: Failed. The only Armada stuff I've painted was a 800 pts Relthozan Shunt Fleet. While a nice project that proved to me that even basic schemes can be done nicely, I was not even a part of this list.
     Firestorm Planetfall/Invasion:
    • Aquan Prime; A full Core helix, of which one squad of Recon skimmers is finished, and two medium squadrons are all but finished
    • Terran Tarxos Veterans: Too much.... still most of two of the old starters, so 10+ MBTs and assorted support... 
    • Terrain; A box of paper Hawk Games terrain, one Spartan Terrainbox 1, and the stuff from the Proteus Prime box
    •  Aquan Prime Heavy Helix 
The Aquans and the terrain are done, bar some infantry and crystals. In fact, I've got several other Helices completed as well, or at least most of them (for some reason I've still got a unit of lights from my Leviathan and Recon Helices to finish up, and don't get me started on the infantry upgrades... )

The Tarxos Veterans... will probably not see light of day until their rules gets updated to be in line with recent Orbats, or I run out of things to paint (Yea, the latter will not happen...). Being able to complete the force with singles from the new range would be a third option...
     Dystopian Legions:
    • Covenant of Antarctica from the Iron Scorpion box
    • Any other CoA that pops up (any month now...)
    • The remnants of my Prussians, including a Tankette, an APC and a Heavy Ironclad
    • Terrain... Three ruined European houses, and what will become a North African mud house to complement the Iron Scorpion buildings.
Yea, not much done here either... I've gotten the CoA started at least, but only in the nick of time. The new CoA are incoming, but I need to clear some space on my painting table before my wallet allows me to pick them up, and the terrain... has been lacking progress as well (although me and the eldest started assembling the mud house last week, as a parent-kid hobby project...)
    Quite a backlog... And exclusively Spartan Games related.  
 Which brings me to my final point:
  • Play more games, some of which should be non-Spartan games....
Here we have something that I've accomplished, at least.
During the year, I've looked at alternative games, from Malifaux (I've got three Masters with crew in unopened boxes...), to obscure small-scale stuff (to try something different from Planetfall, clean the palate, if you will ).
During the autumn I really got stuck in to Antares, I'll soon have my first 500 pts finished, and a slow-grow campaign to participate in starting in a few weeks... Task most definitively accomplished, and to prove it, here is a quick snapshot of where I am on my cannon fodd... sorry, 'Strike Troopers':

So, some decent progress during the year, with this very blog allowing me to actually log what I do and when, meaning it works as intended!

For next update, expect some further ramblings, this time looking forward...

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