Monday, January 19, 2015

Further Aquan reinforcements

Believe it or not, but another squad finished before my game tomorrow:

The full squadron (tentatively named Ocean Squall) :

Close up of a Lamana:

Close up of the Sirsir (specialist designator skimmer):

It'll be interesting to see how they perform, I'm not sure if I want the Sirsir in a medium squadron, or in a heavy squadron, but as the mediums probably will be closest to the enemy, the increased close range fighting abilities of the Sirsir will probably be of better use there.

Here is a WIP shot of the basing I'm using:

Regular Spartan base with added sand (very fine).
Vallejo Model Colour Cavalry Brown base, drybrushed with Vallejo Game Colour khaki and then washed with diluted Army Painter dark tone.

After this I usually drybrush with khaki again (very lightly), drybrush the sand with grey, wash the sand again, and drybrush with light grey (to get a spot colour for the different texture)

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