Thursday, January 29, 2015

Painting tracker 2015-01-29

Paint table snapshot: 

Khitari, Votari crystals and drop tokens.
I've also added some FSA SRS tokens, I'm tired of not having enough completed when I play.

Progress so far in 2015:


FSA: 2

FSA: 0

FSA: 6

So, I just sold off a blister of corvettes and some SRS, and completed my stingrays...
Not sure how to count Tokens, though. I'm leaning towards counting them as 0.5 models for painting purposes, and not count them at all for selling purposes.

I've also been working on 6 infantry stands, starting with the bases, here in three different stages:

Stage 1: Cavalry brown basecoat.
Stage 2: Parasite brown on top, flat areas (in this case the 'paving').
Stage 3: Khaki drybrush
Stage 4: Dark Tone Wash

After this it is going to be business as usual, another Khaki drybrush and two tones of flock.

So, now to try to find some more painting time...

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