Wednesday, January 14, 2015

MMXV - Plans and resolutions

So, what reasonable optimistic targets should this blog and its author set for the new year?

I've got a few in mind already:

  • Clear out my backlog cupboard
  • Document games, both with batrep here and at least one photo
  • Hold some further demo events
  • Detail my in- and outflow of models (how many gets completed, and how many gets purchased/sold off)
  • Improve the photo-to-text ratio of this blog (let's face it, it's been sparse)
  • Getting somewhere on my huge backlog of projects: 
       Firestorm Armada:
      • Aquan Prime; 500+ pts of semi-finished stuff, and three times that in white resin
      • Two boxes of Kedorians; Primed and battletested, but I need to nail down a paint scheme
      • Unknown amount of Terrans; including the Valhalla box and a battlestation
      • 8 Terquai Empire cruisers; 4 Torpedo Cruisers all but done, and 4 Assault cruisers still in blister
      • Misc bits; Two RSN DDs and two Storm cruisers to be turned into debris, some old defense platforms and satelites, some civilians ships
      • Incoming (in a month or so): Return of the Overseers, i.e two Aquan Heavy Cruisers, a Heavy Carrier, four frigates, and two Gunships.
       Firestorm Planetfall/Invasion:
      • Aquan Prime; A full Core helix, of which one squad of Recon skimmers is finished, and two medium squadrons are all but finished
      • Terran Tarxos Veterans: Too much.... still most of two of the old starters, so 10+ MBTs and assorted support... 
      • Terrain; A box of paper Hawk Games terrain, one Spartan Terrainbox 1, and the stuff from the Proteus Prime box
      • Incoming (in a month or so): Aquan Prime Heavy Helix (so three Tank Destroyers, a Support Heavy, a support Medium and two crystals)
       Dystopian Legions:
      • Covenant of Antarctica from the Iron Scorpion box
      • Any other CoA that pops up (any month now...)
      • The remnants of my Prussians, including a Tankette, an APC and a Heavy Ironclad
      • Terrain... Three ruined European houses, and what will become a North African mud house to complement the Iron Scorpion buildings.
      Quite a backlog... And exclusively Spartan Games related.  
     Which brings me to my final point:
    • Play more games, some of which should be non-Spartan games.... 

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