Tuesday, June 23, 2015

El-Shami Wip

Some Work In Progress of my El-Shami Leviathan that I've been working on (albeit a bit slower than I'd like), more pictures after the jump:

The legs: I've continued with the same colour scheme as my recent Heavy Skimmers, a neutral grey base, with midtone turquoise and jade green as basecoat, followed by shading with blue tone (diluted with water and glaze medium)**.
This base is then highlighted with the midtones in several layers, keeping the paint thin and translucent, with further blue toning to blend in.

The last step, as can be seen on my Haumea, is to make a thin highlight with a lighter colour, to really make the edges pop, the same will be applied here.  

A slightly worse picture, but it shows the details on the base a bit better.
The three Khitary infantrymen (-crabs?) are from the bonus bases in the Core Helixes, and the halftrack is an old Dindrenzi Stormcaller APC/Command Vehicle (famous from the Tarxos campaign), that has been hit with something big enough to leave a big hole in it... 

To the right you can see the El-Shami 'head', and the difference between basecoat (as seen on the weapons protruding from the 'wings'), and the darkened effect of a heavy blue tone (the entire topside).
At least a couple of hours more work on this one before it's finished...

A close up of the brave Sebrutan soldiers, willing to lay down their vat-grown lives in the service of their dreaming cephalopod Emperor!

In the end, they will be painted to match the regular infantry, but at least they are blocked in currently...

I'd like to say that I'll get this beast finished this month, but that might be a tad out of reach currently...

**Paint list:
Base colour:
  • Vallejo Game Colour Hawk Turquoise
  • Vallejo Game Colour Jade Green
  • Army Painter Blue Tone
  • Vallejo Model Colour Glaze Medium
  • Vallejo Model Colour Light Turquoise
  • Vallejo Game Colour Foul Green

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