Tuesday, June 9, 2015

[Planetfall] The bigger they are...

...the more they need some detailing of their big base.

In lieu of gaming this Saturday, I buckled down and got some long overdue modelling done, namely my El-Shami Leviathan. I'd already decided to change the 'feet', but this time the base was due for some detailing.

My two extra infantry bases volunteered to provide some sense of proportion (better than to spend the foreseeable future unpainted, I guess), and an old Dindrenzi Stormcaller half-track got turned into a wreck. 
After that I set up some putty and sand to create a footprint, and the half track got some tracks behind it as well, to show from where it came

After painting the usual flock will be added, and perhaps even a tree, although that might be a bit much.

Next up: Things I've actually completed recently!

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