Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Paint Log VIII: A lot completed

So, I've actually gotten a fair amount of models done lately, I've just been a bit bad at posting them, so here follows a quick recap of my productive output for May and June:

Planetfall Objective markers:

Nothing advanced, just a night of getting some paint on the models:
Basic paint scheme, with a limited palette (whatever I brought with me that night).
In the end I think they worked out fairly OK, and now they are done.

 Lamanas (and Sirsir)

Nothing out of the ordinary there either, but it needed to get done sooner or later.

And now for something actually new! My Sednas, at long last...

I think they turned out all right, and putting them on hold for a bit to keep from burning out on them was definitely a right choice. 
My usual paint scheme, with a little bit deeper green than usual.
 And an action shot of their first game together, against my friends Directorate.
I kept the centre of the table free from corporate influence, but as I did not manage to keep him off the objectives I lost in the end...

Some collection shots:

Planetfall Aquan Wave:
Also: Proof that I've finished yet another squadron of Imzanis!
All I need to finish up is my Leviathan and Terquai, and I actually have a clean painting backlog for these guys!
Until my Infantry and Recon Helix boxes hit, anyway...

Armada Aquan Shoal
Most of it got painted last year, but I've not taken any fleet picture since adding the Dagon. 
Yes, I'm also surprised that I managed to squeeze in over 2000 points on one shelf!

I've not yet calculated my total Paint Log modifier with these updates, but I think I can safely add all 11 models and 7 tokens...

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