Wednesday, July 22, 2015

[Planetfall] Birds inbound, prepare the AA!

So, it seems that the latest pre-order is about to hit (as images of the painted models are starting to appear), with the Interceptor Aerial Helixes for all main factions:

Sorylians: I got to say really like the small flyers, really keeping with the theme of exposing the poor lizards to the elements...
The fact that they look like a cross between pod racers and fighter planes doesn't exactly hurt, either...

The big one breaks the theme a little bit, but still looks like a Sory vessel. Still looks like a single seater, though.

Directorate: as usual, the no 1 air power does not disappoint...
With 5 models for the smalls I'm their individual stats might not be the best, but "quantity is a quality all of its own" and all that...

The big flyer isn't bad either, looks like a nice sleek gunship.

Terrans: About what was to be expected... The large flyer (Fighter? Gunship?) looks interesting, the others look like regular sci-fi jet planes (not that there is anything wrong with that)

The Dindrenzi Federation... Where aerodynamics is somebody elses problem. Utilitarian to a fault, it is really just a weapon system and pilot space, with enough engines to keep it in the air, or space, or what have you.

I'm honestly a bit on the fence about it, but it does fit into the general aesthetics of the faction, and ties into the Tarxos Black Rain flyer. as shown on the left.

Aquans, as usual my favorite, and a Helix I've been waiting for ever since the Interceptors was previewed by Spartan on Twitter last year... To me they are just what Aquan vehicles should be, sleek and deadly.
The Gunship looks interesting, and I have a hunch that it will be very interesting to see it in full.

And then comes the controversial of the bunch: Relthoza. I think the basic concept is sound (and the models look really nice), but I can definitely see where its detractors come from. Then again, it can't be easy to fit a full Warrior inside a flyer, so a flying power armour makes sense, in a way. 

All in all, a nice crop of models, and I think they will add some fairly decent tactics (and be a nice deterrent to Directorate Aerial Circuses...)

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