Thursday, July 23, 2015

[Planetfall]: Relthoza Recon Helix unboxing

So, a while ago I received my long overdue Recon Helix for my Relthoza army.

Due to currently focusing on getting the last of my Aquans complete, I've not done that much assembling yet, but rest assured, it will come.

Unboxing (and some comments) after the break:

First of all, the standard Spartan boxes (this one is the Medium size, makes for a very nice storage box)

For some reason a lot of the Relthoza sleeves has the Directorate logtype (not sure what is going on with that...)

The back side of the sleeve as usual contains a picture of painted models, and some background on the units included in the box. I like the official Spartan paint scheme on these, simple and effective.
As usual, the actual box is full of resin pieces (seems like Spartan has ceased with the buildings in every box, though). In the bottom you can make out a advertising flyer for the new Halo fleet game...
The actual contents, one bubble wrap bag of heavy infantry, one bubble wrap bag of AA medium walkers, and one regular plastic bag with metal legs for the mediums, sky drop markers and spire tops.  The spire bases are actually separate, as can be seen in the picture above.

Moving on to the assembly part,  I've put everything where it's supposed to go, and laid out the three different poses of infantry I found.

As you can see, the AA mediums are moulded to the base, just like the tank destroyers in the heavy helix. I'm not sure that I like it that way, but fortunately there is enough resin shadow to mask any damage from a fine saw, if I decide to remove it from the base.

All in all, a really nice box, which should provide a nice first punch for my smaller infantry Drones to exploit (perhaps even enough to grab a defended primary objective!) 

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