Monday, July 20, 2015

All is not quiet on the hobby front...

Been on a bit of a blogging break lately, but that is more due to spending time on actually hobby stuff rather than blogging about it (hobby > blogging...)

That being said, I've painted a bit, and even got some games in:

My giant Aquan Leviathan continues to take shape. Soon only a final layer of highlights remain, and detailing the base further.

With some luck, or rather prioritizing late nights painting instead of sleeping, I should be able to get the big fish and a few of his small buddies ready before the end of the month.

I actually managed to get a game in last week as well; against out clubs budding Dindrenzi commander (a long-time RSN Admiral in Armada). The game itself only lasted for two rounds, with me reaching -4 thanks to some incredible dice rolling.
My Khitari infantry really showed what they can do this game, then again I spent almost a quarter of my points on infantry, so no doing well would have left me at a serious disadvantage...

Terrain-wise, we ended up with a very light table, despite using the tournament setup rules and adding several additional pieces. The original setup called for only 3 buildings, but both my opponent and I agreed that only 3 pieces was a bit too sparse.

In the end, the result was decided when a squad of Khitari gun teams managed to inflict as many casualties on a Storming Nyx squad as they received in return, especially since my opponent proceeded to fail his morale check, leaving the sole survivor unable to contest the right flank secondary at the bottom of round 2... That alone gave me 8 TV in the end phase(4 for the objective and 4 for the Nyx).
From a strategic point of view, I think my opponent could have concentrated his sky drops as little bit more, this time I had resources to deal with the scattered Nyxes (Nyxii?), Archangel and Temple.
We both also learned why skydropping too close to opponent with decent CQB scores is not a good idea... His first Damocles Pod ended up within CQB range of a Sedna with SirSir, and in the end the Pod succumbed to the CQB fire (causing the Nyx inside to gain a Activated marker, and hence be sitting ducks for my mediums and Khitari)...

As for the rest of my games lately, I've had mixed success:

*Avalon 4k FSP  01/5 - Loss (My Levi did not perform as expected)
*Avalon 4k FSP  28/5 - Loss/Tie
*Avalon 4k FSP  30/5 - Loss (TDs off to gunnery school?)

*Avalon 4k FSP  04/6 - Loss  (Despite a strong start)
*Micke .8k  FSA  07/6 - Loss
*Avalon .8k FSA  09/6 - Loss
*Ulfast  3k  FSP  11/6 - Win
*Avalon 2k FSP  18/6 - Win 

*Avalon 4k FSP  03/7 - Loss
*Nisse 4k FSP    14/7 - Win

I really need to get the hang of how to deal with the Directorate in Planetfall...

I've got some more content prepared, so the rest of the month should not be so silent...

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