Sunday, December 27, 2015

Tis the season...

Strangely enough, it's been a bit busy with holiday preparations here at the Hobby Front, but I've managed a little bit of hobby time in the calm before the storm:

4 games of Antares played in the past weeks, with various success. 2 wins and 2 losses (or even 1-1-2, depending on your point of view).

I've a also refined my C3 campaign list a few times, I've been playing with a mkIII for a few games now:

+++ C3 kampanj 500 revC (500pts) +++

++ Concord (Scouting Force) (500pts) ++

+ Tactical (441pts) +

C3 Drop Command Squad (152pts)
2x Drop Trooper (54pts)

C3 Drop Squad (174pts)
4x Drop Trooper (104pts)
Plasma Carbine,
2x Plasma Lance

C3 Strike Squad (115pts)
Plasma Lance
4x Strike Trooper

+ Support (59pts) +

Concord C3D1 Light Support Drone (59pts) [Plasma Light Support Gun, Weapon Drone

As you can see, I've ditched the X Launcher for a Light Support Drone, and cut into the number of Spotter drones I use in the process. It's already proved to be a good change, the added reliability of the Drone more than makes up for the reduced ideal damage output, to say nothing of the utility of long range ambush shenanigans...

On the paint front I've completed one squad of drop troops, as well as a medium drone.

My first squad of Strike troopers is also well under way, and will soon be ready for dipping.
Obviously my light drone needs some paint as well, so that one has gotten started.

A newly added project to my painting backlog is of a more mechanical nature, with the recent announcement of more Covenant of Antarctica for Dystopian Legions I've decided to at least finalize a paint scheme for my long neglected Penguins. To that end I've slapped some paint on a few of my automata from the Iron Scorpion boxes set: 

The idea is to have a dark metal base, using Tinny Tin drybrushed with Copper, add brown followed by khaki to the armour plates, and then finish off the base job with Dark or Strong tone Dip.
Detailing would probably be picking out some areas with steel or silver, painting green glow from eyes and gun, and perhaps some weathering with pigments to represent desert dust.

As much of a pain they were to assemble, they paint up nice and easy.. Although drybrushing metal is always a good way to get things looking decent quick (I've got a hundred Necrons proving that...)

Let's see how far my enthusiasm for Victorian sci-fi takes me this time...

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