Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January in the rear view mirror

So, first month of the year concluded, and what's been accomplished?

So far, so good, I've gotten quite a few things done: :

Medium Drone:

A very nice model, all metal, with a nice heft.
Might not get used all that much, but once in a while a Plasma Cannon will come in handy.
My standard C3 grey/khaki/dip paint scheme, with turquoise detailing, and some basic OSL for the plasma. 

Light Drone: Not varnished yet, hence the sheen.
The go-to drone for my 500 pt lists, while a X-launcher is more flexible, the plasma cannon has provided more flexibility (putting it on Ambush for some nice Overwatch shenanigans has saved my infantry on more than one occasion).

Strike Troopers:

Very much KIS in action: Grey primer, khaki contrast colour, turquoise and metal details. Dip, and highlight the turquoise in three steps, and done.

Sooner or later I'm going to finish up all my Strike Troopers, and if I'm going to stay sane I need a simple scheme (I've got 40 of the blighters!)

Light Drone and Strike team pose together:

Heavy Interceptor for Planetfall:
All in all a rather nice model, but I kept the paint job fairly simple, with only a two layer highlight.
I've spent more effort on the smaller cousins, as I like those models a lot more...
Still, it is a squadron completed, and it doesn't look too bad, if I say so myself.

So, then we have the soon-to-be new additions to the hobby backlog:

The new Assault Helices were just too tempting, so I've got a box of those incoming from Spartan, and once I had my spending pants on I picked up a GA Helix, as well as a Command Helix from my LGS (Can't beat a price of  < 11 SEK per £, not even discount UK stores can compete with that)

Also, I've got two starters of Taskforce inbound, but I'm counting those as Armada Squadrons, and hence a single T2 and T3 squadron.... (See, I've not yet gone overboard with my 1:1 principle...)


Nothing. This has been a month of regular visits from that much-maligned father of Disease, Nurgle... So no games, at all. February is looking up, though...

That's it for me for now, I'm hoping to have some game reports for next time!


  1. Well done! Nice looking highlights.

    1. Thanks! I'm starting to get a bit done with blue/turquoise, but at least I can get a good result simply (although the Strike troopers have a little bit more effort spent on them as far as the highlights are concerned)