Sunday, February 21, 2016

Painting competition: week one

So, as previously noted , there is an ongoing inofficial painting competition on the Spartan Games Community, which I've signed up for.

I originally my Command Helix would be a good candidate, but after some digging around I found another pristine helix scheduled for some paint:

My Terquai Recon Helix! Languishing in my 'assembled but unpainted' box for over a year now, it is a much better candidate for something like this...

So, the first step was to find all the pieces:  I've managed to find everything bar the two acrylic pieces for the portal:

Step number two, assembly and priming, didn't take long, although I did spend some time drilling out the resin shade between the drone legs (as first suggested by vonHymack on the Spartan Forums). A small thing, but I know it would bug me in the end...

As can be seen, I've also managed to get some paint on the Portal models, more on that later in the week, once they are actually finished...

With some luck, there should be a couple of more posts this week, with unboxings if nothing else (might be a battle report or two after next weekend, as well!)

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