Saturday, February 27, 2016

Unboxing: Terran Reinforcement Group

Some questions came up on the Spartan Games Taskforce forum about the look of the Terrans.
I know that this is technically a Firestorm Armada release (the Reinforcement Group box), but I'm calling it Taskforce for the purpose of this review....

First up we have the box. As with the starter set, a lovely image of nicely painted ships.

What differentiates the content of this box compared to the Terran/Dindrenzi starter is that this box is adapted for Armada squadron sizes, and that one get three sets of upgrades, compared to one in the Taskforce starters.

The cruisers themselves consist of 5 different parts, that can be assembled in two different ways, to create two variant cruisers.
Common is the lowest part of the hull, to which you then add a hex add-on piece (show in the plastic bag to the right), and a top hull piece (in the middle).

The lower hull attaches to the top part with a very well engineered system of tabs and slots, as well as pre-drilled holes where 2mm magnets are supposed to go in, in case you'd want to have an extensible, modular design.
For the Terrans, there is a reason to keep all part magnetized, whereas the Aquans only add an upgrade part to the top hull, and thus can glue together the two hull parts.

To the right is the lower hull (left), with the upgraded cruiser hull to the right. The designation is Torpedo Cruiser, which should say something about it's armament...

Then comes the Light cruiser parts, with more of a triangular shape. Some really nice detail on these as well...

And last, but not least, comes the frigates, or actually Light Frigates.
The detail is unfortunately washed out in this light, but they are second to none of the older small ships. In fact, I'd say they are improved....

That is it for the humans, tune in soon for some more on the Aquans....

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