Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A little bit goes a long way

Or as the Swedish proverb goes: 'Many small streams makes a great river'.

Not really made any major progress on one thing, but I've gotten several projects started:

  • Finished my first four Drop markers for Planetfall.
  • Unpacked my Armada Return of the Overseers starter box; I'm really loving the new Oannes Heavy Carrier model. 
  • Gotten about halfway with my Khitari infantry. I'll probably revisit my painting process for next time, though... Staining did not really work as intended on these small models, there are a lot of details that need to be touched up.
  • Started washing and assembling my Aquan Heavy Helix for Planetfall, including the really nice Locatu tank destroyer models, I'll most definitely get another heavy helix just to get some more of these to paint. 
  • Started working on my Blotz stuff (arrived yesterday): a lot of 10mm building goodness! So far only a small radar dish has seen the light of day, but more will come before the end of the month, including a review of the kits. 

That leaves me with a lot of newly acquired models, almost filling my self-imposed 'Sliding Painting Window', which means no more purchases for a while, at least until I've made a dent in the buffer...

Paint tracker status update V


FSA: 9 (Return of the Overseers box, so 4 frigates, 4 mediums and a large)

FSP: 10 (Heavy Helix, with two bonus Stingrays!)

FSA: 0

FSA: 6 

I also need to do some kind of inventory of my backlog box, with Legions, Armada and Planetfall it is starting to overflow....

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