Friday, February 27, 2015

Paint tracker status update VI

Paint tracker status update VI


FSA: 13 (+4 since last time)

FSP: 10

I picked up a cruiser box to complement my Overseers box; I intend to make them into Namor class cruisers, with or without a Heavy Cruiser attached

FSP: 24 (+6)
FSA: 1 (+1)

Not much more than my Khitari kadre, and on the FSA side my long suffering Dagon Battlecarrier. 

FSA: 6

I've also started over with my two Sedna Heavy Skimmers for FSP, after some searching I found a decent paint remover, although it requires you to be careful (leave the model in too long, and you have a pile of rubber on your hands...).
I've heard good things of rubbing alcohol, all I need is a way to source it locally... 

Coming up: My Locatu tank destroyers:

and some frigates to test colour schemes for my themed fleet.

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