Sunday, February 15, 2015

Themed fleet concept part 1 - Fleet List

So, with the advent of the Overseers box I recently received I've started thinking about what to do with the ships therein.

I've got slightly more than 2000 points of Aquans painted so far, in a fairly easy turquoise scheme, but I've been thinking about doing something different for this batch.
My fleet so far got done in a concentrated effort last spring, and I'd like to avoid  getting bored with my regular paint scheme (I got a bit burned out towards the end...). 
I'd also like to limit myself a bit, set a clear goal to make it easier to commit to, and hence get done.

The launch of Planetfall got me brainstorming some ideas around; what would a Quick Response force look like for the Aquan Sebrutan? 
Let's face it, once a Directorate raiding fleet has shown up at a colony and blown away it's defenders, you'd want to have something to rapidly reinforce or counter-invade the planet with.
The same setup could probably be used for quick hit and run invasions of your own, or intelligence gathering, something like an Aquan version of the USMC, basically.

Basically, this would be a themed force, a "Breaking Wave Shoal"**. A small force, concentrating on speed and firepower, and Wings (for rapid transportation of assets to the surface, and aerial support afterwards). 
Some boarding capabilities and area denial (to keep enemy reinforcements at bay) would probably come in handy as well...

So, what does this give us regarding fleet design?
Starting with the Return of the Overseers box, there is already a Tier 1, the new Oannes Heavy Carrier, that fits the bill perfectly: good firepower, and either sneaky (Difficult Target on a Tier 1? Don't mind if I do!), or with a decent complement of shields. 

The new Shiva Gunships is another solid squadron, plenty of firepower, and with a Sulis in the squadron they should be able to skulk around out of Line of sight fulfilling the stealth criteria, so that takes care of the mandatory Tier 2 squadron (and makes use of the RotO

For Smalls, I'm thinking Snapper Corvettes, both because of the speed, but also because of the very handy Elusive Target MAR. For once, I'm actually thinking of upgrading with Pack Hunters, to give some added punch.


That is a T2 squadron and some upgrades short of a Patrol Fleet, I could see either of the three following:
  • Stingray destroyers, for some added long-range punch
  • Arual Assault Cruisers, to follow the theme and add some close range capabilities (and the added ties to the Planetfall Recon Helix does not hurt)
  • Isonade Cruisers, for mine laying capabilities, and harassment (3 regular cruiser with the Mine Hardpoint, with a Heavy to lead them, have a respectable amount of firepower, while still keeping to budget)

For larger fleets I'd probably add one or two Orca battlecruisers and another T2 squadron, rounding out the Firepower theme.

The hard part remains, colour scheme!

**Named for where the sea meets land with force, but 'Surf Shoal' sounded a bit... meh.

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