Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Finally done!

So, at long last I finally made some decent progress on my first Khitari Cadre, I'd go so far as to say that it is finished! (Bar a coat of varnish and some spots I noticed in the photos...). Once that is done I'll be up to 24 finished models so far...

Now for the Heavy Helix!
I'm skipping the Recon Helix for now, I need to put in some serious modelling time to get both the infantry and Gunship to where I want them.
For the infantry I intend to follow vonHymacks Tutorial for removing the flash, and I'm still not sure about the gunship... It needs a little bit of something.
 Also, I couldn't keep myself from putting some paint on the wonderful pieces of resin that is the Locatu Tank Destroyers:

I know that the model looks like white resin, but that is actually after a coat of my cheap grey primer.

With some effort I should be able to have all three in a semi-painted state until my game on Thursday.

All I need is... Some time to pain!

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