Thursday, February 26, 2015

Battle overviews, vs Directorate and vs RSN

A quick summary of my games the past week ago:

Firestorm Planetfall:
Player: Ahmadan / Avalon
Points Value: 3000
Factions & allies: Aquan Prime vs The Directorate and Works Raptor
Starting Zero hour: 30
Zero Hour score: 9 / -3
Turn Count: 2

The above picture is a fairly decent summary of the battle; although I lay slightly ahead of the damage game, I could not contest with someone holding three out of four objectives, and he won fair and square at the end of round two. 

Highlights include my Locatu Tank Destroyers wiping a Directorate medium tank from across the board, despite being on Overwatch, and my Haumea Heavy Tank locking on to, and subsequently almost wiping, a buggy squadron, both in the first round.

Next time I will include a Recon Helix, to take objectives if nothing else.

Firestorm Armada:
Players: Ahmadan vs Avalon
Factions: Aquans vs RSN
Points: 800
Scenario: Ambush
Final Battle Log: +10 to -9
Victory: Aquans

The last turn was almost as bad as the image above describes.
A single Spook on it's last damage point managed to shunt away from my Corvettes, but other than that the entire RSN force was wiped out.

I wish I could take credit for the victory, that my bold plan an unprecedented tactics won the day, but in reality it was a combination of jammy dice on my part, and my opponent not really being used to the RSN (he borrowed the fleet), they seem to take some getting used to...

Also, minefields are brutal vs the low DR and CR of the RSN Cruisers and Destroyers, and I put two (from my escorts) along the path he needed to take out of deployment with his cruisers.

The new Shiva gunships might be my favourite of the new Return of the Overseers Aquan ships, dual shields and decent firepower, both from beams and torpedoes, creates a winning combination. Very good survivability stats does not hurt, either.

Now to finish painting my Tank Destroyers!

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